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The Centenary Company was founded in 1995 and specialises in the works of Gilbert & Sullivan. Each year we perform a fully costumed and staged production of one of G&S’s operas, with a 13-piece orchestra. In recent years our home has been the Greenwich Theatre.

Production just ended

The battle of the sexes:
which side are you on?



If you’ve the intelligence to be reading this, you must be FEMALE. So why not join Princess Ida’s women-only university? You’ll enjoy a first-class education in idyllic surroundings, far from the misogynistic tyranny of the outside world – and if any man should dare to invade our sacred territory, he’ll soon discover who’s the weaker sex!



If you’re reading the right side of the page, you must be MALE – because might is always right! So join King Hildebrand’s army today and help put a stop to all this nonsense about equality for women. We have plenty of guns that go boom boom – but let’s face it, as soon as those uppity women catch sight of us, they’ll surrender to our manly charms!


The medieval musical that makes Game ofThrones look like tiddlywinks

Staged at Greenwich Theatre, Wednesday 25th to Saturday 28th March 2015 7.30pm. Saturday matinee at 2pm, Saturday evening 6pm

 Rehearsals at: St Alfege Church Hall, (behind St Alfege Church, Greenwich Church Street), Greenwich SE10.For more information: contact 07719895245/centenarycompany@gmail.com