Welcome to The Centenary Company Home

The Centenary Company was founded in 1995 and specialises in the works of Gilbert & Sullivan. Each year we perform a fully costumed and staged production of one of G&S’s operas, with a 13-piece orchestra. In recent years our home has been the Greenwich Theatre.

Come to see The Centenary Company’s sparkling production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Iolanthe at Greenwich Theatre from 26th to 29th March 2014.

 Iolanthe poster

Bumbling Lords and Earls fight over wards of court; the intricacies of the law are laid bare for all to see and a shepherd has a compromising moment with his ‘mother’ aged 17. All the while, fairies wreak havoc on an unsuspecting House of Lords in this timeless piece, widely regarded as Gilbert & Sullivan’s best.

Join us in the audience as our PEERS OF THE REALM :-
* look down on middle-class people
* engage fairies in hand-to-wand combat
* furiously resist any attempts (especially by women) to reform Parliament

Directed by Jerry Pinel, with Music Director, Elinor Corp, this is the same creative team behind our previous inventive staging of Gilbert & Sullivan operas at Greenwich Theatre.

Tickets are on sale from the Greenwich Theatre Box Office.

The Centenary Company is a lively, friendly and acclaimed amateur group. Iolanthe will be our 20th production and 8th at Greenwich Theatre.
For more information, call: 07970 866034