Auditions for Trial by Jury and Gilbert & Sullivan Tie The Knot are Tuesday 30th April

Gilbert and Sullivan Tie The Knot

Gilbert and Sullivan Tie The Knot

Trial by Jury / G&S Tie the Knot – auditions

Tue 30 April, Eli’s House – Contact Eli to book an audition.
Characters and audition pieces are below – there’s no audition dialogue because Trial contains no dialogue…

Plaintiff (soprano) – “O’er the season vernal” (pp30-31) & “A nice dilemma” intro (pp47-48)

A gold-digger who was jilted by her fiancé and is now suing the pants off him – pretends to the jury that she still adores him so they’ll think she’s suffered a terrible loss and award her higher damages.

Defendant (tenor) – “Oh gentlemen, listen I pray”, 1st verse (pp41-42)

A happy-go-lucky charmer who cheerfully admits that he dumped his fiancée because he fell for somebody else (and still manages to win over at least some of the ladies in the courtroom). Tries to paint himself in a bad light so the jury will deem him a bad catch (which means they’ll reduce the sum he has to pay her in damages because she hasn’t missed out on much by not marrying him).

Judge (baritone/bass) – “When I, good friends, was called to the bar” (pp21-24)

A lecherous legal shyster who progressed in the legal profession by courting the daughter of a rich attorney, then jilted her when he’ reached the top – which makes him just the person to sit in judgment on a man who’s done the same thing! All too ready to succumb to the plaintiff’s charms.

Usher (alto or bass) – “Now, jurymen, hear my advice” (pp6-8). For prospective female ushers, we will also accept “Oh, false one, you have deceived me” from Pirates.

A fairly dim-witted court official who initially does his/her best to steer the jury in the plaintiff’s favour (while assuring them of the need for an unbiased decision), then spends the rest of the show trying vainly to keep order.

Counsel for the plaintiff (baritone) – “With a sense of deep emotion” (pp34-38)

A wily barrister who knows just how to provoke the jury’s sympathy/outrage in his client’s favour.

Foreman (bass) – “That she is reeling” (pp39-40)

Very small role (two lines) – a besotted juryman.
The “G&S Tie the Knot” concert is for six singers (SSATBB) – typical workload for each of them is a solo, a couple of duets/trios and a maybe an ensemble or two. If you’re interested in auditioning, ask Jerry for more info – you can audition using the appropriate Trial audition number above for your voice range.

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